Van Alstyne Economic Development Corporation Industrial Park

EDC Agendas & Minutes

2018 – 2020 Agendas and Minutes

(minutes will be available after approved at the following regular board meeting)

May 2020Agenda_5.11.2020Minutes
April 2020Agenda_4.7.2020Minutes
March 2020Agenda_3.24.2020-Special Called MeetingMinutes_3.24.2020-Special-Called-Meeting
Lack of Quorum for meeting
Meeting cancelled because of lack of quorum – minutes unavailable
 Agenda_3.3.2020 Special Called MeetingMinutes_3.3.2020
February 2020
January 2020Agenda_1.20.2020 Special Called MeetingMinutes_1.20.2020
Agenda_1.13.2020 WorkshopMinutes_1.13.2020
December 2019
November 2019
October 2019
September 2019Agenda_9.3.2019Minutes-9.3.2019
August 2019Agenda_8.27.2019_Budget WorkshopMinutes_8.27.2019
July 2019Agenda_7.8.2019Minutes 7.08.2019
Agenda_7.2.2019Minutes 7.02.2019
June 2019Agenda_6.04.2019Minutes 6.04.2019
May 2019Agenda_5.07.2019Minutes 5.07.2019
April 2019Agenda 4.02.2019Minutes 4.02.2019
March 2019Agenda 3.05.2019Minutes 3.05.2019
February 2019Agenda 2.05.2019Minutes 2.05.2019
January 2019Agenda 1.09.2019Minutes 1.09.2019
December 2018Agenda 12.4.2018Minutes 12.4.2018
November 2018Agenda 11.20.18 11.20.2018
Agenda 11.08.18Minutes 11.08.18
October 2018Agenda 10.15.2018 Special Called MeetingMinutes 10.15.2018 Special Called Meeting
September 2018Agenda 9.18.18 Special Called Meeting Minutes 9.18.2018 Special Called Meeting
Agenda 9.16.18 Special Called MeetingMinutes 9.16.18 Special Called Meeting
August 2018Agenda 8.29.18 Special Called Meeting Minutes 8.29.18 Special Called Meeting
Agenda 8.24.2018Minutes 8.24.2018
Quorum notice for 8.9.18n/a
July 2018Agenda July 2018Minutes unavailable
Agenda 7.12.18 Special Called  MeetingMinutes 7.12.18 Special Called Meeting 
June 2018June 2018 AgendaJUNE 2018 Minutes
Agenda 6-8-18 Special Called Meeting Minutes 6.8.18 Special Called Meeting
May 2018 May 2018 AgendaMinutes 5.25.18
April 2018Agenda 4.27.18Minutes 4.27.18
Meeting Agenda 4-2-18 Special Called Minutes 4.2.18 Special Called Meeting
March 2018Agenda 3.23.18Minutes 3.23.18
February 2018Agenda 2.26.18Minutes 2.26.18
Agenda 2.23.18No quorum – postponed to 2.26.2018
January 2018Agenda 1-30-18 Special Called Meeting Minutes unavailable
Agenda 1.26.18Minutes 1.26.18
Agenda 1.8.18 Special Called Meeting Minutes 1-8-18 Special Called Meeting

For a full list of agendas and minutes, please check out the archives.